“Shocking Q4 Earnings Report: Market Volatility Ahead! Find Out Why!” | 4 Shocking Reasons Behind the Stock Market Plunge: Is Lok Sabha Elections to Blame?”

"Sensational Prediction: Stock Market Crash Imminent if BJP Wins Election? Find Out Why!"

“Shocking Q4 Earnings Report: Market Volatility Ahead! Find Out Why!” | 4 Shocking Reasons Behind the Stock Market Plunge: Is Lok Sabha Elections to Blame?” In today’s Indian stock market, there has been noticeable volatility. The India VIX index, which measures volatility in the Indian stock market, surged by almost 35 percent over the span … Read more

Islamophobia :- India’s Stand Against Islamophobia : A United Nations Imperative | Escalation of Anti-Muslim Hatred Worldwide, UN Chief Holds Social Media Accountable


Islamophobia, the prejudice against Islam and Muslims, is a global concern affecting peace and human rights. The United Nations (UN) urges collective action to address it. India, with its diverse society, plays a crucial role in this fight. Here’s a look at India’s efforts: In essence, India’s efforts against Islamophobia are crucial domestically and internationally. … Read more

India Blasts U.S. Criticism of CAA as ‘Misinformed’ Amid International Tensions | Citizenship Amendment Act

CAA :- india's Defense of the Citizenship Amendment Act: Addressing Misinformation Amid Global Scrutiny

India’s CAA Defense Sparks International Outcry: Accusations of Discrimination and Religious Bias Ignite Global Tensions India’s support for the Citizenship Amendment Act is causing a stir worldwide, with many accusing the law of unfairness and religious favoritism. The Act, passed in , is criticized for leaving out Muslims and raising worries about religious freedom and … Read more

Breaking the Internet: ‘The Unofficial Science of Die Hard’ Takes Christmas 2023 by Storm as the Ultimate Viral Spectacle!

The Unofficial Science Of Die Hard review

The Unofficial Science of Die Hard review :- Comics Go Extreme: Paul Chowdhry and Chris Ramsey Push Limits in ‘The Unofficial Science of Die Hard’ – From Building Leaps to Lift Explosions, Can Die Hard’s Stunts Really Happen? Viral Breakdown Inside!” Get ready for the wackiest Christmas programming of 2023! Join deadpan comedian Paul Chowdhry … Read more

Happy Forgings IPO | Happy Forgings IPO opens today; check price band, GMP, among 5 key things to know before investing in Happy Forgings IPO

Happy Forgings IPO

Issue size of happy Forgings IPO :- Happy Forgings IPO: हैपी फॉर्जिंग्स लिमिटेड ने अपनी आईपीओ को आज, 19 दिसंबर को लॉन्च किया है। कंपनी भारी फॉर्जिंग्स और उच्च-सूजी मशीन कंपोनेंट्स के निर्माता है। हैपी फॉर्जिंग्स आईपीओ का कुल इश्यू साइज़ ₹1,008.59 करोड़ है, जिसमें ₹400 करोड़ की नई इक्विटी शेयर्स की पेशेवर साझेदारी और … Read more

Matthew Perry | American-Canadian actor Matthew Perry | Early Life | Early Career | Friends | Post-“Friends” Career | Personal Struggles

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry Early Life :- Matthew Langford Perry was born on August 19, 1969, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA. His mother was a Canadian journalist, and his father was an American actor. Early Career :- Perry moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and initially faced several setbacks. He appeared in various television … Read more

Lunar 25

Lunar 25 :- Planned Russian lunar lander, Russia’s first lunar mission in decades crashes into the moon Russian Luna 25 crashed into the moon’s surface, ending the country’s first lunar mission in decades. After communication with the robotic spacecraft was cut off, the incident—which dealt a setback to Russia’s aspirations in space—took place. Roscosmos, the … Read more